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Our team is composed of researchers with extensive experience in designing and implementing research studies, analyzing data, and presenting findings in a clear and concise manner. At our company, we believe that research is the foundation for creating positive change through the power of data. Our research team is committed to providing our clients with the insights they require to achieve their goals. Moreover, we are also keen on amplifying the value of the research that our clients conduct.


Qualitative, Quantitative & Mixed-Methods Research

In-depth interviews, case studies, ethnography, mixed-methods research methodologies, survey design and implementation, statistical modelling, and data visualization and reporting.

Interdisciplinary Social Impact:

Strategic planning, gap analysis, needs assessment, impact analysis, program/project management, academic writing monitoring and evaluation, and academic writing.

Media and Communication Design:

Communication/media campaigns, media content analysis, market insights, audience research, branding/marketing, social media analysis, and marketplace representation.

Social Impact Evaluation

Robust social impact evaluations – assessing the effectiveness of social programs and initiatives through a range of traditional and nontraditional methodologies.

General Consultancy Services:

Cross-sector grant and proposal writing, project management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies for maximizing impact and improving business solutions.

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